# Weekend Coffeeshare – Aug 16, 2019

Photo: Pixabay.com

Hello, wilkomen, welcome, Aho!  Yeah, thought I’d be a little multi-lingual in my greeting this week. I’ve brewed myself a cup of Chrysanthemum tea that came all the way from China! I love the tea, it’s already sweetened with honey. If you’d like a cup, there’s some packets in the middle of the table, just pour the crystals in a cup and add some hot water. The Kuerig is plugged in if you’d rather have coffee or cocoa. Bottled water in the Fridge.

So, as we sit down for a cuppa heaven this fine afternoon, let me say it’s been a blessed week. I know I told you last week that Hubby and I celebrated 24 yrs of marriage. It’s a big deal for us. Both our doctors told us when we were engaged that neither of us was going to live beyond five years. Puh-shawl, what do they know.  We enjoyed our mini-vacay, mostly stayed at home.  Emptied my she-shed room and put in our Ham station. I moved my work table to the end of the living room beside the picture window and where I can watch tv/dvd while I craft.

Since we’re sipping away, I might add that I managed to prime paint the outer walls to a new dollhouse. This is something I took up last year, doll house building from kits. Loving it! I jokingly say that I finally have the house I’ve always wanted to own… without the hassle. To tell you the truth, the building of it isn’t easy for me. I often miss steps in the build guide and then have to back track. This time I’m actually marking the pieces, and following instructions rather than just eyeballing it like I normally do. Reason… This house has a side door and extra rooms/walls. Also, I’m saving up to get the electrical kit next month (birthday present to self) so I can wire it as I’m building. I’m not an electrician, so keep me in your prayers that I don’t “burn the house down”. hehe.

This is what I’m attempting to build… I’ve chosen the pink color scheme that another builder shared (this is their pic, sorry, can’t remember who you were).

Belongs to a fellow dollhouse builder, sorry, don’t remember who you are.

So, let me refill… Ah, I think I’ll pour it over some ice this time. A nice chill for a pleasantly warm afternoon tea. Would you like a cookie? … choco-chip… just made some this morning when I woke at 3 am.

Since I was up so early and didn’t want to disturb Hubby on a work night, I sat down to work on an afghan I’m making for a Christmas present. What color, you ask… Well it’s a deep purple, dark rose, light rose, and white (wanted an off-white, but the store was out). It’s a simple shell blanket, stitched lengthwise. 253 stitches with an ‘I’ hook across, about a foot longer than a queen bed… hmmm… say about 80inches. The couple I’ve mind to give it to are 5.7 & 6.3 ft tall respectively. So, I adjusted the pattern to suit.

That’s about all I’m doing this week. Next weekend, I’ll be out of town at Powwow. Looking forward to seeing my Native Fam, even if I can’t dance. It will be ‘different’ for me to attend without dancing, but I think it will be nice just to sit back and listen and relax.

Have a great week! Are you building anything this week? How about crafting? Would love to see what you’re doing! 🙂 ❤

~Shalom, Bear


Flight Risk

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Backstory: Many years ago at a PowWow, a storm blew through…

wc: 98

The storm was hellacious! It blew through fast, too. I looked up, shook my head.

‘100 feet, at least.’ OldLameBear noted.

‘Yup. I agreed.’ Still staring in disbelief. ‘My cot, stove, bins… where’d they go?’

‘Probably still inside.’ He laughed.

‘It’s not funny.’ I moaned.

‘Yeah, it is. Mine’s down there, in the pines.’ He pointed. ‘Heard about twenty tents took wing. Jack’s calling for a cherry picker.’

I shook my head as reality began to set in. ‘Storm didn’t seem that bad.’

‘You were too busy helping vendors secure to notice.’ He squeezed my shoulder. ‘Hoke hay!’

After story: NOAA (National Weather Services here in the States) later termed what occurred as a wind shear. All told, nearly 20 tents/canopys were found in the tops of trees that surrounded the camping area. Nearly every vendor there suffered some sort of damage to their awnings/canopies, etc. The drum arbor remained intact, unharmed as did the drummers/singers. Not a single dancer was injured by falling limbs, and not a single person was hurt in crowd (estimated to be about 3-5 thousand). An hour after the storm, we were back to dancing… meanwhile, a cherry-picker truck was called and tents recovered from tree tops. Surprisingly enough, my tent was undamaged. My bin was opened and things tossed inside the tent, but everything was entact. By the time I’d finished dancing and returned to my camp, everything had been righted and put back in place. Eternal gratitude for whoever did that.

Here’s a wickiup in case you don’t know what one is… They’re actually really nice to live in.

Borrowed from Google Images. Just like PoppaBear’s (OldLameBear) wicki save he had a animal skin over the door.


This story was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge. If you’d care to read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit us HERE. This week’s picture prompt provided by Jan Wayne Fields,  thank you.


Remnants #4 – ch 2

photo prompt: pixabay.com

wc: 552

Chapter Two

A few days later…

Emri sailed over the ocean; the large white-capped waves looking as mere ripples across the surface. Above him, the vast universe of stars extended light across the darkness. With the shuttle on auto-pilot, he watched the stars race across the viewscreen.

‘Computer, open log.’

‘Log is open.’

‘Emri, Earth journal, day ten, Earth time…’ Emri began to record his thoughts. ‘Abba Father, how insignificant are we compared to Your grand creation.’ Emri thought as he basked in the moment. ‘How magnificent are the stars above. It is said that You know each and everyone of them by name. Seeing them, now, it is hard to comprehend. Last night, as I was laying on a blanket and looking up to the vastness of Your skies, I suddenly felt just how tiny we are in the universe, and that gave me leave to ponder why it is that You are so mindful of us. How could a God who is so powerful ever be concerned with us?…’

Emri sighed. His questions had plagued mankind for as long as history was recorded. It was a question that his Father had called an ‘unanswerable’.

‘Someday,’ his Father had said, ‘When you stand before God, you’ll have your answers. Until then, we ask and wait for that day when they will be answered.’

Emri sighed again. His Father had been a wise man. He looked out of the viewscreen and smiled at the thought that his Father now had all the answers to all the questions he’d ever asked.

Beep. Beep.

‘Emri, here, Control. Over.’

‘Control, here, Emri. Over.’ Than’s baritone voice echoed through the cabin.

‘Good morning, Than. What can I do for you? Over.’ Emri quirked the side of his mouth.

‘The Council would like to know where you’re headed to next. Over.’ Than’s voice held a note of curiosity.

‘At the moment, I’m sailing over the great blue sea…’ Emri began to hum an old ditty that he’d learned in his explorations of Earth history. All the old sailor’s sang ditties as they sailed the oceans, didn’t they?

Than chuckled. ‘We can see that, Em. That’s not the question. Over.’

‘Tell the Council that I believe we’ll be over the islands known as Ireland and the United Kingdom. I don’t forsee much of anything to see there beyond vegetation. They were bombed so hard that I doubt anything manmade would have survived this long. But I have a list of natural wonders that might have escaped destruction. We’ll see. Still a few hours out from them, though. Over.’

‘That’s good, Em. We’re still streaming this live, adding in some music and such. I’ll cue the techies to grab some Irish music. People might enjoy that. Over.’

‘Indeed. Say, why don’t you feed me some of that music, too. It’s awfully quiet here. Over.’ Emri smiled at the thought of listening to some Irish music. He’d always enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme of it.

‘Roger wilco, that.’ Than fed the music through. ‘There you go, Em. Feeding you the broadcast we’re getting here. Talk to you soon. Than, Command, out.’

Twittering Tales #149 – Taxi

Photo by Wal_172619 @ picabay.com

“Uh, dear, I know you sent a taxi for me, but…”

cc: 49

This is written for Twittering Tales #149, a brief 280 character (not words) writing challenge. What kind of story can you tell in only 280 characters??? If you’ve enjoyed this very brief little story, then please, come out and join us and our lovely hostess Kat Myrman at: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/60562321/posts/2353615593 .


#Weekend Coffee Share- 11 August 2019


If we were sitting down for a cuppa something this fine Sabbath morning, I’d tell you we had an excellent service today. I took my new coffee mug to church with me this morning, just so I could take the picture (we don’t have a table at home, had to sell it last month to pay the rent increase…grrr…). I’m having a cold root brewsky instead of coffee this morning. The last thing I need is caffeine before church… that is, unless I want to snooze through the sermon. (Fell out of the pew last time I had coffee before service…hehe!)

If we were sitting down for a cuppa something this week, I’d have to admit I’m still a bit shaken by events in an area of Ohio where I often played and partied during my youth. A place still very near and dear to my heart. My  deepest water prayers are flowing out and around the people of Dayton, Ohio, and also for El Paso, Texas… and for the other cities which have had their lives shattered by violence recently. The events have been like cleaners that have cleared the clouds and rose colors from our glasses and made us see the world around us in a new light.  (Like my attempt at making glasses here?) There are far too too many of these memorials popping up, far too too many acts of violence.

If we were sitting down for a cuppa something this morning, I’d tell you that this last week the car dealership robbed us blind on repairing what was supposed to be a warranty covered repair. It cost us our entire savings, most of which we were saving up to move to some better housing (housing without roaches!). So, I’m feeling a little discouraged that we will have to stay another year in roach infestation hell! On top of all the mid-lease changes to the lease that were made that increased our rent/utilities by  a whopping$65. Sorry if that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, but for us that’s an entire month’s worth of groceries. That said, we have a new water pump on the car, and an new hose somewhere in the coolant system.

If we were sitting down for a cuppa whatever your’s fancy… I’d tell you that tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary. Soooo, yesterday, we filled the tank on the car and took off to Lexington, Ky for a Hamfest (Amateur Radio thing). We came, we saw, we didn’t buy a thing beyond a soda. Then, since we were in the area, my beloved hubby suggested we slip over to Danville and visit the Great American Doll House Museum. Let me say, if you are a miniature collector or enthusiast, this is a great place. They have many houses and scenes well outfitted… easy to lose yourself into the world of fantasy…. Anyway, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t planning on going until my birthday next month to get a little stove. They’d sold out of the cast-iron stove I really wanted, but I did find two kits for about the same price…Oh, and a wee tiny piggy bank that I just couldn’t resist for Hubby’s “Ham Shack” room box I’m designing and building. The bonus (hubby snuck into my basket) was this little hutch that looks like one in his family home that I’ve admired for years. Mominlaw was going to sell it a couple of years ago and I offered her $600 for it. She refused…that’s how she is. Hubby just smiled and said, Happy Early Birthday! So, I just grabbed a couple of photos from google for you to show you what it is….


Rest Not In Peace

PHOTO PROMPT © Randy Mazie

We could not let our fears win, and so at the site, we planted a rose bush in their memory and life went on. The windows still covered by the boards the police had put up to preserve the crime scene. No one could quite bear changing anything. Within weeks, the once popular and always packed tavern closed its doors. No one, it seemed, could bear to spend an evening there.

We couldn’t let the fear win, but nothing could silence the screams or weeping… some say the murdered never left.

wc: 91

This story was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge. If you’d care to read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit us HERE. This week’s picture prompt provided by Randy Mazie,  thank you.


Remnants #3 – Ch 1, cont’d

Emri mumbled, tossed, and jolted upright. A scream of terror caught and held fast in his throat as he reached his hands to his face. Panting with what felt like relief, he rubbed a hand over his face.

‘God, why do you trouble my dreams so?’ He mumbled his questions upwards. Then, chastised himself for questioning God’s workings. ‘Forgive me, Abba Father, for letting my imagination question Your power.’

The details of the latest nightmare were quickly vanishing, leaving behind only feelings of utter desolation. With a yawn, Emri rose to retrieve a cup of hot tea from the generator. Taking a sip, he sighed and sat back down at the work station to record his log.

‘Emri, Earth Journal, day seven, Earth time…’ He sipped and sighed again. ‘On the seventh day of creation, God sat back to admire the universe and to rest. So, today, I’m going to follow His Almighty’s pattern. Today, I’m going to sit in my chair outside the shuttle… No, on second thought, I’m going to walk down to the river’s edge, find a good sitting stone and relax. Back on the ships, everyone will be getting up and going to their temples to raise praises to God for this glorious time. We’ve finally come home… a bit like a prodigal son, and what awaits us is too beautiful for words. God will forgive me this single absence, the first in my lifetime, from temple services. This will the first time I have not celebrated the sabbath surrounded by my family and friends. Even so, I will honor and respect God’s ordinance to rest today. I’ll just walk down to the river and sit a spell, I think. Emri, out.’

Emri disconnected from the electronic log as he emptied his cup. After he spent the day down by the small water cascade he’d found within the river, he’d come back and add a few more words about the day to his log. Better yet, he thought, I’ll take my sketchbook along with me.

Emri smiled broadly as he packed up his pens, pencils, and sketchbook. Today, he wouldn’t so much as forage for his meal. Today, he would take a nutritional supplement pack out of stores. Foraging for edible plants was just too much work.

‘Now,’ He tittered. ‘Should I suit up, or not?’