Nano day 20

So glad I finished because everything here is shut down again. So no place to go for internet. Too chilly to sit outside the door to McD’s either. So…. Limited by phone. Sigh…. At least I got Christmas wrapped and stowed away. Hubby is home until December so I won’t get squat done. Have a great finish to nanowrimo…. See ya well, when I can.

Nano- Day 17

Today’s word goal:2000

Current Official word count: 75,190

Last sentence written: ‘NO!’ She screamed with all she was worth.

Oh, what a sentence to end with, eh? It was a very productive weekend, as you can see. I was feeling much, much better. Hubby kept me supplied in Chicken Nuggets and Ranch dressing for dipping, Ginger snap cookies, and milk — Lots and lots of Milk! On Friday, I felt so behind having missed a few days that I felt the urge to play catchup. So, I sat myself down in the recliner, Hubby put the drawing board across my lap and got me all set up. And there I lived for most of the last three days… except when we ventured out for internet… and even then, I was chomping at the bit to get back to my comfy chair. That said, I had to feed him at least one meal a day that wasn’t bachelor food or I’d feel like I was abandoning my duty as a wife. I dearly love that my Hubby is so supportive of Nano. I wasn’t even going to do it this year, but he kept nag- uh, encouraging me to take the plunge.

He was right, the writing did lift my flagging spirits.

So, I set aside the sewing for the last 3 days, and devoted nearly every waking hour to writing… writing without stopping. A lot of stream of consciousness brainstorming junk, but writing all the same. Ach, but that last scene is so vicious I wonder how it ever came out of my brain. I blame it on the Dayquil induced night mares & terrors of last week. The only good-ish thing to come out of that, I suppose… well, if you can call bloody scary a good thing. But, some good writing came out of it, so I’m not arguing at the moment. I suppose most of it will be deleted in December. That said, now that the pressure to hit 50k is OFF. I can sit back and write for my normal routine… and still have time for sewing.

I’m thinking I should do a whole separate series of blog posts about the sewing adventure. And trust me, it is an adventure! I’ve recut/resized the skirt 4 times already. I think I may have the finish fitting… finally! I cut a pair of slacks, using the measurement guide on the pattern, and discovered it to be about 7 sizes too large…. So far, I’ve cut down 4 sizes on the pattern, and it still “feels” too large. So, more fittings, pin – tucks, etc are in order there. I put away the jacket I was sewing last month… need to pull it out again. Annnnnd, I need to figure out this new sewing machine somewhere along the trail, especially for the jacket.

From Joann Fabrics.

Yesterday, I received a new leather thimble in the mail.. YEAH! I’ve never really used a thimble except when sewing leather or multiple layers of thick canvas, so we’ll see how it goes. First thing I did was take out the metal disk. It was uncomfortable and unwieldy. After that hurdle was crossed, I’m finding it right nice to work with. My finger is happy with not being constantly poked, and there’s less blood involved. I just might like this whole thimble idea. We’ll see.

Anyway, I shall get back to writing, now. Today, I start editing what I have written this weekend. Throw out the fluff, stash the “has potential” in a snippet file, and put the “fer gut (for good)” into where it ought to go. So, I do foresee some word loss over the next few days, but I’m okay with that.

I sincerely hope that you haven’t given up, and please don’t feel intimidated. Like I’ve said before 10k a day is pretty average for me, developed over decades of writing. Don’t worry, someday you’ll sit back and be shocked by your own word counts. As you develop the habit, get into the routine, train your brain to let loose… the words will begin to flow much easier. The more you write, the less you’ll need to edit, too. You’ll develop the skill of writing well without even thinking about it. Trust me, as I’ve had to learn twice how to write (once before the brain injury, and once afterward)… it will come. I promise that.

Have a great writing week! Please, share your word counts, proud moments! I’d love to hear them. 🙂 ❤

Nano – Day 15/ Weekend Coffee Share – 15 Nov 2020

Today’s word goal: 2000

Total word count: 36,147 still.

Last sentence written: I’m sick. Leave me alone!

If we were sitting around the table, I’d offer you hot beverages on this chilly, wet morning. Please, feel free to help yourself. I’m still quite tired from the week, so forgive me if my head hits the table — again. Just among us friends, I still feel a bit other-worldly coming down off the Dayquil high.

I’ve lost a few days as I tried, and succeeded, in imitating the photo I found on google. Yep, I’ve been S. I. C. K. ! Yucky sick. 2 whole boxes of Puff’s Plus with Lotion, sick! Thankfully, it’s not Covid, just a common cold. There was some concern Wednesday when I had a low grade fever. But, a healthy dose of Dayquil, and a night of solid sleep really helped. Three solid days of around the clock Dayquil, and I’m ready to declare that I’m almost alive again.

When I have been awake, I’ve been doing a little of this a little of that. Got one of two gloves done from the current Piecework magazine. Went out online one day and paid for a two year subscription…ach, I still can’t believe I did that! Blame the Dayquil! It’s an easy to make glove, maybe next time, I’ll use something other than scrap yarn, though. My glove is UGLY…it will be warm, but still…ick!

I finally got the pleats pinned in my skirt. Sewed one set. Personal Note: Don’t sew while taking Dayquil! I ended up taking out all the sewing I did because the lines are like the gait of a drunken sailor just come to land. Ugh! So, back to the beginning on that… good thing this is just the “muslin” and not the good (expensive) linen that the finished one will be.

Writing: Hmmm, I did manage to get out 4 Turkey day cards for inlaws. That involved writing out index cards with our new mailing post box. Even had Hubby double check the numbers as I was so loopy on the Dayquil. Dayquil is great stuff! Really works, too. Of all the cold meds out there, it is my preferred next to Mucinex DM. That said, it does make me very sleepy (which is good for resting), and a bit tipsy. No driving! But, back to writing…. in short… it DID NOT happen! I just couldn’t focus enough for coherent thought.

So, where Nano had me finishing on Nov 13, I’m behind. I’m still far enough ahead that I’m not panicking, but still. It is a bit disconcerting. I did get out to Friday Fictioneers to write something this week, but I’m not happy with it. I think I’ll re-write that little bit of poetry (and without WP’s hack job on what should be stanzas).

That’s what this week has been… sleep, wake to take meds, back to sleep. wake, try to do a little bit of something, take more meds, back to sleep…. somewhere in that cycle I ate. Evidence of such is the garbage full of empty soup cans… though I really don’t remember doing it.

And, sometime this week, Hubby went and ordered me a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing machine. Bless his heart. It was supposed to be a Christmas Surprise, but the UPS guy didn’t know that when he delivered it! So, it’s a little early! I had to come out today to download the users manual, though. And, I think I’ll need to order a zipper foot sometime in the future… That is, if I actually use it.

So, dear friends and fellow travelers, I sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart hope that you had a better week. Please, fill me with some good news. It’s much needed this direction.

They’re saying here that they might be closing down things again starting tomorrow. Our covid cases have peaked again since the election. If you ask me, I’d say it was all the rallies just north of us where people refused to wear their masks. Idiots… Oh, well, I refuse to argue with them. If they choose to risk their lives and those around them…. I’m sure they’ll experience the results. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to stay home and work on the outfits I’ve got planned to sew.

Hope to see your posts. I’ll try to read as many as I can this week, before my head hits the table again. Yawn… after a nap, of course.

The Meeting Place

C. Dale Rogerson

“I’ll meet you here when the war is over.”

I waited for you.

The days became weeks.

I waited.

He’ll come, I knew.

The weeks became months.

I waited.

He’s not coming, they said.

He’ll come, I responded.

Seasons changed.

I waited.

A whole year passed.

I waited.

Time to move on, they said.

He’ll come, I responded.

The decades passed.

I waited.

He’ll never come, they said.

He’ll come, I sighed.

Today you came

I waited no more

Holding out your hands

I walked into your embrace

I waited.

You came.

The war is over now.

wc:100 exact, title included. 🙂

Author’s Note: I hate this new format, it just doesn’t break this up into stanzas like it’s supposed to! Grrrr…They’re are supposed to be six. grr…. That said. I’ve got a cold… sinus cold. Not Covid, thank you, Father! Fluids, rest, and a ton of tissues. Inet from the parking lot, though. Don’t want to spread even a cold. sniffle, sniffle… sneeze. Also: not sure what the deal is, but whenever I try to open a link through the inlinz froggy, it tells me I need to reboot my computer…. so IF I don’t get to you, it’s not my fault! Grrrr…

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you, Dale Rogerson for this week’s picture as well. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!

Weekend Coffee Share – 6 Nov 2020

Halloween 2019

Good afternoon! Guten Tag! Come on in and sit a spell, why dontcha! please forgive all the notebooks on the table. Here, let me move them…. (Takes arm and swipes them off to the floor.) There, now. Why don’t we have some coffee, or tea if you like… hot or cold? It’s a nice day out so either would be good. There’s oatmeal cookies for snacking today. I’ve hidden some ginger snaps if you’d rather.

As we sip, I’d tell you that I just crossed the 25k words threshold for Nano (National Novel Writing Month). It was a hard thresh to pass this year. I’ve been finishing off some rough drafts from past years. But my heart is now set firm on bringing the scifi series I started 35 yrs ago up to date for a new generation of Kinder (children). Sorry, but my mind keeps wanting to be in German mode today. It’s funny how somedays everything I hear is in one language (not English). Today, it’s German. Most likely because I was up really late listening an audiobook that takes place during and right after WW2. “Cilka’s Journey” by Heather Morris, in case you’re curious. Listening to it, I remembered why it was that I started writing that old series. How I didn’t want the memories of certain events and persons to be totally forgotten. Yeah, it’s fiction… but… there’s a lot of true things buried deep within the words. Anyway, I’m deep in Nano, so forgive me.

What has happened this past week, you ask? Not much… well, besides on the National scale. There was this thing called an election…still waiting results. Other than that, my foot continues to heal nicely. Thanks for all your sweet prayers.

Oh, they upped our covid level to red… most of the restaurants that had opened have gone back to drive thru & curbside service. Speaking of drive thru… a friend of mine was delivering a curbside order to the curb, and someone hit her. She’s a senior citizen. Bones don’t heal as quickly. She’s been in hospital most of the week. She’s home now, but oh, so sore. Saw her today and she’s virtually lost all function to one arm. PEOPLE, you NEED to stop acting like Jackasses and be careful when you’re using drive thru’s and curbsides. You ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE… your actions can endanger someone else’s life… this goes for more than just the drive thru, too. Forgive again, I’m rather irritated with what happened to my friend. She is a very sweet dear and doesn’t deserve this.

With all the “you know what” coverage, I’ve gotten in quite a bit of pedaling this week. I took the foot protector off the pedal, adjusted my foot to press with my heel, and I’m riding. I’ve put in almost 50 miles in 4.5 days. I had a nice walk up in Ohio going between stores to get groceries, christmas gifts, and a magazine “Piecework” which I cannot find local. I love that magazine for it’s historical essays… and of course the requisite craft to learn, or practice. This month, it’s gloves. I tried a sample using the elements they have in the pattern… either I did something wrong, or women had child sized (like preschool) hands in the 1850’s. Oh well, after Nano, I’ll play with it and see what I can do (like I need another “project”). LOL!

How are you faring in your neck of the woods? I hope Covid isn’t too bad where you are. Stay safe. Wear a mask. And, most importantly, tell the people you love that you love them… everyday! 🙂 ❤

The Question

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

When she was younger, she asked her father about the boulder and he’d smiled.

‘Ah, my sweet, the Creator must have known that one day, you would have need to come here.’

‘But – why, Father?’ Her brows knit in confusion.

Her Father had chuckled then. ‘Why, to make you ask such questions, of course.’

‘What questions?’ She had pressed him further.

‘All the questions that you need to ask, my Sweet.’ Her Father answered with a nod of his head. ‘Don’t you think that the Grand Almighty has a wonderful plan for you, all you need to do is ask?’

wc: 100 exact

Author’s Note: I know it doesn’t really match the pic, but this scene out of one of the stories I wrote so long ago came to mind today when I saw it. Perhaps the boulder in the story is hidden behind the stand. Anyway, in a chaotic world, it’s always nice to have a boulder to perch on to contemplate the universe and its Creator. Have a great week… and if you’re doing NaNo… I hope all is well for you! Shalom!

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you, Rochelle for this week’s picture as well. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!

First Day – edited…

First Day

And so it was,

the locker lottery drawn.

Everyone anxious to get THAT locker.

The one they’d always heard of in hushed whispers

the one that held the promise of a new life beyond

She gulped, opening the folded paper.

Almost fainting then and there,

she clenched the number in her hand

As she approached the locker

those around her knelt in respect

She’d drawn the “lucky number”

As she reached for the handle

A sound akin to lightning

a bright light

a scream rent the air

the backpack fell…

BS McQuinn


Wc: 92

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A hearty thank you to J Hardy Carroll for this week’s photo. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!

Nano 2020 – The Beginning!

Photo by Jarod Lovekamp on

In this fictitious world of my creation, there are new beginnings, repeated history, and a mysterious something that watches all, yet does nothing. It is what it is, folks. Welcome to the world of Nano where anything and everything can happen in words.

I “started” Nano on Monday, October 26. A week early, I know. I have reason to do so as I will lose an entire week in November itself. That said, at the moment I’m writing pencil to paper. Yep, a good, old-fashioned #2 pencil. I got a pack at the Dollar Tree, halloweenie decor, and am seeing how many I can go through in the next 30 days. There’s something about the feel of a pencil in your hand, the sound of the scritch on the paper, and the idea of having something solid to hold in your hands that I find quite inspiring. Maybe, most likely because I am in the generation who used such things.

Anyway, it’s now day #2 on my quest to write 50K of words. I have to say, that so far, it’s going pretty good. I’ve written, rewritten, edited and written again approximately 1150 words, officially. Not much, you say. Well, that’s all fresh write, a bridge into a story that will incorporate both fresh and old writings that span a mere 30 years of writing experience. Unofficially, I’ve filled an entire composition book cover to cover so far… about 8 chapters worth of rough drafting.

I’m a Nano Rebel… but I do have a cause, really. My goal this year is to complete some things, bridge some things, and maybe even start something new by the end of the month. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m off to what I consider a good thought.

Hope to see everyone along the Nano trail next month. Until then, work on your prep, do some brainstorming, and stock up on chocolate! 🙂 ❤ Have a great week!

NaNoWriMo 2020 – National Novel Writing Month 2020

Are you going to participate this year??? I know I am. I was able to get registered, at least. So, let the prepping continue, and the writing soon to begin! Ach, but in all honesty, I had to start a week early as I’ll lose the last week of November. So, as is my tradition when I start early (because I can’t handle the wait. LOL!) I’ll be subtracting anything I’ve written this coming week from the total so it won’t count towards the goal. Only that which I write in November will count.

So, onto prepping. I have the setting pretty well nailed, well “settings” plural. I have characters well laid out and with distinct personalities. The plot… well, since I have about 4 subplots contained within the larger plot, that’s still up in the air for some elements. The plots come together, separate, then come together again in the end…. like a braided rope, if you will allow the analogy.

That said, Nano for me this year is more about completing things than it is creating something new. I have several novels that were started during Nano in the past, and I really need to put them “to bed” so to say. So, I’ll be doing that with a few while working on a new something on the side. The new something is related to, but not part of the larger piece. Confusing? Yes, I know, it sounds confusing as I type this out. It isn’t really, just harder to explain than it is to do.


I have a few brainstorms for the perspective element of the piece that is related to but not part of. Its a perspective that I’ve not considered taking before but have been playing with for a few days. Some of you readers who are in Friday Fictioneers may have seen a little of this. All told I’ve got about 500 words for this so far (which will, of course be subtracted from the goals for Nano).

My son sent me some old letters with the beginnings of a series of stories I wrote for him and his brother oh, about 20 or so years ago. I’ve been reading them and blowing my mind at how my writing has changed, developed, matured over the decades. It’s a unique experience. anyway, I’ve decided to update some of that writing over the month of November, too. He asked that I work on making them into a book for his future children to enjoy as much as he did. Who could say no to that request, eh?

Meanwhile, i really do need to “put to bed” three romance stories that have just been begging for their last chapters for years now. Sometimes I find it quite difficult to end a good story, ya know.

And, I need to come up with some covers for some of the books I’ve written. I’ve been far too lazy in that regards. I used to love creating the covers to go with, but as I no longer have the photo editing software… Sigh. I need to get out my art supplies and see what I can do that way. Question is, do I dare to take the time this month to do that as well as write. Ach, but I’m going nutz and it’s not even November yet!

Anyway, and anyhow, that’s what I plan to do this year for Nano. We’ll see. There’s still time to change my mind and write something from scratch, too. Again, we’ll see. Entering this year on a positive note and hoping to keep it.

Happy Writing!