Miasma: Hot.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

‘Ice.’ I mumbled.

‘Yes, dear. It is icy out there today. Come, look at the trees. Aren’t they beautiful with the sun shining on them?’

‘Diamonds.’ I reached out to touch the window. ‘Hot.’

‘No, cold. Very Cold.’ He gently corrects.

‘Cold.’ I sigh. Another mistake. It seems everything I do is a mistake. Why can’t I just be normal again? Again, the moisture blurs my vision.

Gently, he squeezes my shoulders, kissing my temple. ‘I love you, my dear.’

wc: 80

Author’s Note: A little continuation of something I started writing last week. Remembering that first frigid, icy winter after the accident in ’96, when the world was still so new, yet so old. My first snow, first ice storm… a lot of firsts. There was a constant frustration as I struggled with words. I often got them mixed up… still do some times. Hot was cold, visa versa. I had a hard time remembering that the microwave was not an ice box, or that the refrigerator had wonders inside such as pudding cups, chocolate milk, and popsicles ( I still had wired jaws at that point so eating was limited. ) It was a time of great confusion, and great discovery as my husband taught me about the beautiful world around us. This Valentines day I am very deeply reminded of his steadfast love and devotion. He stayed by my side, reminding often (and still does) that I am loved. I hope that you all take the time to tell the people you love that you do LOVE them… tell them everyday without fail. Life is short. I didn’t have an icy tree photo… This is a tree outside the firehouse with a touch of snow from last week.

C. Bear Starfire McQuinn

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A hearty thank you to Rochelle herself for this week’s photo. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!

23 thoughts on “Miasma: Hot.

  1. This is a beautiful little snapshot of the closeness of a good marriage.

    What you are describing sounds like aphasia, a condition that can occur when there is a brain injury in the part of the brain that controls speech. It is intensely frustrating for the one who knows exactly what she means, but comes up with the wrong word anyway. The good news is, that it sometimes gets better over time. Best wishes to you.

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    1. There have been many who said we’d never make it… we’re 25 yrs this august (5 if you count having to remarry because the state lost the license in switch over to digi.) What we’ve faced together most would never make it through.

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  2. Very touching story. Great in style and content. I’m so glad you can write some happy endings again. Pray for complete recovery for you. Sixty seven years marriage for my husband and me. He is a consolation as I have had to lean on him greatly in the past three or four years.

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