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Photo prompt:, via google images.

It was every nightmare come true. The bodies stacked like so much cordwood in the hastily dug mass grave. At over a thousand deaths in the last twenty-four hours, there was nothing else to do. The funeral homes were already swamped with bodies; their crematoriums running around the clock couldn’t keep up with the load. The temporary morgue storage at the hospital was overflowing onto the loading docks. It was a nightmare that seemed to have no end.

Pandemic. That’s what they called it. Unforeseen act of God. Whoever had seen it as unforeseen never read the scriptures. It was all there – plagues, disease, infections… In extreme circumstances, God used extreme measures to bring his people back to Him.

This time… this time it was a virus. A virus that was indiscriminant, too. The virus didn’t see socio-economic or racial dividers. It didn’t see political divisions, or partisonships. No, the virus hit all, and at an alarming rate. One thousand, in one hospital, one city, one state, and one country…

It didn’t even beg of one to consider how it was in other countries. It was just too devestating of a thought.

The world wept.

The world grieved…

and another corpse was thrown onto the pile.