Weekend Coffee Share: 9 October 2020

My fall table from last year

Good morning! And, Welcome! Come on and and have a seat at the table. I was up early so I baked a Dutch Apple Crisp pie. Don’t you just love that apple-y cinnamon smell. I’ve got fresh coffee beside the Kuerig, hot water for tea or cocoa, or there’s some warm cider on the stove. It’s chilly this morning so something warm is just perfect. There’s pie, of course and your choice of vanilla ice cream or Cool Whip to go with. Personally, I like mine just plopped on a plate.

So, what to chat about? As I look out the window, I see that the Maple trees are now starting to grace us with brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. The Oaks will follow soon, no doubt. We had our first frost a few nights ago. Brr… how could it be autumn already? This year has flown within the miasma of isolation, shutdowns and such. That reminds me that I haven’t done any writing on “Spirit Trails” in months, and that is somewhat depressing as I’d hoped to be at least halfway through that journey by now.

While I’m on that subject… I was at a point where I was (literally) sitting on the river bank and trying to imagine what it was like for my Gr. Grandmother. I was asking myself questions like how did she deal with the overwhelming losses, the endless days of walking, the constant nagging hunger in her gut; and the fear that she, too, could die at any moment. What was it like for her trying to live under the constant guard of the soldiers who took advantage of the women whenever they took a mind to. All deep water questions, for sure. Then, I was hit with covid… “sick unto death” I felt. Yet, I had to continue on, getting hubby to work, caring for our elderly neighbors, etc. Then, July came, and the death roll in my bible grew. As of July 1, I had 23 living godchildren under the age of 18. By the end of July, only 9 remained. At present, only 1 still lives. As unfortunate as this is, and believe me, it is. I can now say that I somewhat understand the overwhelming losses of my Gr. Grandmother in a way that… well, I guess you’d call it a ‘been there, done that’ type thing. Very sad. I haven’t picked up “Spirit Trails” quite yet, though I am still pondering the journey. The literal part is now on hold for obvious reasons. The walking… well, I’m just getting back to having the strength to do so.

Enough of sadness. Let’s focus on the good. I am happy to say that I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit on my Hexagon quilt project. I’ve been using the scraps from making myself some masks (gotta have variety, right?) to cut varied sizes of hexagons. The smallest being 1 1/2 inches across, up to 5 1/2 inches across. I have 4 sizes in all. I start with a fat quarter 18×22, and cut out the mask pieces. Then I can get 2-3 of the largest size, then I work down the template sizes. A few of the fat quarters I had in the closet just wouldn’t make good masks so I am able to get 7 (5.5), 4 (3.5, 3 (?size), and several 1.5 inchers. My shoebox is filled, so this week, I’m sewing up the flowers as I call them. Starting with a solid color in the center and adding patterned pieces around each one. I manage about 2 a morning of the wee ones between morning prayers and when Hubby rises. Ach, looking in my bin, I realize I really ought to get some more cloth for scrapping. This lockdown has caused my “stash” to become almost non-existent.

I’ve also finally managed to cut out the “muslin” for a new jacket. To explain, I cut the pieces of a pattern out of muslin, or in this case an old sheet, and keep it as the pattern. I adjusted some of the seams for my personal size, too. Then, I have a pattern that will last for years. Material lately has been pretty scarce… at least affordable material. So, I wanted a nice poplin, linen, or such base for this jacket as I plan to do some patchwork on it. Couldn’t find it at the store. But, what I did find at the thrifty (when it finally opened) was some buffet size heavy linen table clothes in a nice cream color. I said to myself, I said, this would be a nice base fabric for a jacket… warm, sturdy… and the color would look good under the sari silks that I intend to patchwork with. So, I bought all 5! Ach, heavens to betsy, what was I thinking??? Still, I cut out the jacket using my “muslin” pattern and now I’m starting to put it together. I said I was going to patchwork it, but at the moment, it’s looking so nice that I just might keep it the way it is, and make another in patchwork… I have plenty of material to work with. LOL! And, I’m using the scraps to make hexie centers for the quilt, so doubly good.

I’m writing a new bit of something at the moment. Something I’m calling “Eyewitness”. A different perspective. I recently listened to “The Testaments” by Atwood, the sequel to the “Handmaids Tale”. The perspective fascinated my curious nature and I wondered if I could write something that way. So, I gave it a go. It’s making for a nice secque (sp?) for a very old story I wrote many many decades ago. Something else I’ve revisited since this pandemic started. With libraries closed, very few books in the house, I’ve been forced to read my own writing to fill the time. If you’ve never done this, I highly suggest it. Start with your oldest writing and move forward…it’s quite enlightening to watch your skills and maturity grow.

Oh, look how I’ve babbled along. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to lately? What have you been doing during lockdown that is different from your regular? Have you taken up a new hobby, revisited an old one? Curious minds need input! LOL! Have a great week, friend, and thanks for stopping by for coffee and pie. It’s been nice to chat.

Just a little additional note. I received a library notice today (libraries have been virtually closed since march) that I have not picked up my “surprise hold” materials in 3 months so I shall be removed from program. My question: How can you pick up things when Library is closed (except for about 3 hours a week (10 to 12) a different day each week and in the middle of the day when most of us are working. Last time I went in to ask about holds, I could get no understandable answers. I have hearing issues and read lips. With masks, it’s impossible to understand what’s being said if I even hear any of it. When asked (and they are behind plexiglass) the librarian refused to lower so I could read lips. With this kind of bull, why even bother….

10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: 9 October 2020

  1. Writing Sparkle

    There are no words for your loss; I am so sorry. I will say that the women that proceeded us were very strong indeed, truly amazing women. I often think of my grandmother and the struggles in her life and how she navigated on as I look for strength and comfort. Thank you for the virtual coffee.

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    1. bearmkwa Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, our ancestors who struggled through times far worse than we currently face, are indeed people to be admired and respected. I had the benefit of being raised in my Gr. Grands home. And I still remember a time when their parents mother was still living. I remember sitting on her lap and listening to her sing. She always smelled of a mixture of sage, tobacco, and cedar. She must have been close if not over a hundred at the time. Fond though faint memories. I must have been 3 maybe 4 at the time.


  2. Gary A Wilson

    Bear ! ! !
    You’re back ! ! !
    I have missed you and thought of you often wondering what you were up to.

    Now, I know a bit more and am heartbroken for the loss you and the families you wrote about above have endured. Breathtakingly painful. I have nothing to compare it to nor do I have the words to offer for comfort other than the faith we share and how God really does have this under control. But I do wish he would act and give us a miraculous cure or means of escape.

    I’ve done some interesting writing while you were away, and have begun creating a body of fiction to go with my DOT personal history stories. I sense that my first collection is close to being finished, thus the change in focus to fiction.

    Anyway, I’m thrilled to have you back.
    You were missed and I hope things are better for you and your community now.

    So here’s the image I’ll leave you with.

    Hello. Can Bear come out and play?


    1. bearmkwa Post author

      My “Native Fam” made the mistake of believing a particular someone who insists that masks are not necessary. They gathered for the 4th of july, and labor day… they paid with their lives for their loyalty and lack of wisdom. Trying to remember the scriptures that tell us not to mourn the lost ones… but it is difficult. Perhaps, God has given us what we need… we’re just too dumb to see it. Sorry to sound so cynical, but truth is that airborne is the most vicious pathogen there is. I am out “playing” in my word garden again, thankfully. It’s been a very hectic few months. Learning to live without the daily chatter of my godchildren, or the wee ones in my work at church (daycare is closed until next year). We’re looking at a 2-5 yr plan to move back to the state we were born in… to “retire” in. We’re tired of the rampant race/culture hatred here.


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  4. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    I read about your losses on FB, Bear. Such a tragedy for one person to go through. I hope your heart heals. One day, you will see them again and rejoice.
    I know your apple pie is delicious. Flaky crust with loads of cinnamon-spiced apples.
    YUMMY …!!!
    Your quilt sounds fabulous. I’m sure you’ll be posting pics soon. I am so happy you’re back to the best place for you and your creative talents including writing. I hope the coming weeks are more peaceful for you. May your health continue to stay in the healthy zone. Have a great weekend … Be Safe … Isadora 😎

    Liked by 1 person


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