Is it a Sin?


Is it a sin

to step from the beaten path to asphalt

to exchange one’s moccasins for hard sole shoes

to lift one’s feet from the earth,

suspend and spin them mere inches from the ground?

Is it a sin, I ask you

to step from one society to another

to exchange dance for stoic worship

to set aside the drums,

and lift one’s voice in a language so foreign

Is it a sin?

B.S. McQuinn, 2020

10162020 – 1457

wc: 74

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A hearty thank you to C.E.Ayr for this week’s photo. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!

Authors Note: I really struggled with this one this week. Jotted down different things, nothing spectacular. Today, as I was driving up into the mid-Ohio area (home), I was thinking about “Spirit Trails” and needed to get back to writing it (My goal for next month has appeared!). I thought of the juxtaposition between tradition and modern life, the ‘old way’ versus the ‘new age’. And how, trying to keep to her journey as close as I can, I find the modern world a constant temptation… like riding a bicycle instead of walking, wearing shoes instead of moccasins… even to the differences in worship. It’s been one of those kind of thoughtful days as I drove up the interstate and back.

11 thoughts on “Is it a Sin?

  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Bear,

    I don’t think it’s a sin if it’s a choice and not forced. If only we could all recognize how similar we are instead of focusing on the differences.



    PS Apparently it’s a sin to write from the POV of another culture, even if it’s written with admiration and with solid advisors.

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    1. bearmkwa Post author

      I get your PS, and its so true. Even writing about one’s own culture sometimes is frowned upon. It’s sad that people think that way, though. I’ve been feeling a bit “lost” without my “fam”. Da* covid! Sorry, guess I’m in the anger stage today. Passed a billboard in Ohio that had a pic of the “It” and the number of lives lost (it was a digital board so it was odd to see the number change as we drove ), and then the quote “It is what it is”…. Shocking and very poignant at the same time. Sigh…


    1. bearmkwa Post author

      Aye, it is. Should we have to, though. Like Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name….” Or, as I’ve heard all my life “You can take the ____(insert whomever you Farm boy) out of the (insert environment), but you can never take the (original person) out of the person.

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