The Meeting Place

C. Dale Rogerson

“I’ll meet you here when the war is over.”

I waited for you.

The days became weeks.

I waited.

He’ll come, I knew.

The weeks became months.

I waited.

He’s not coming, they said.

He’ll come, I responded.

Seasons changed.

I waited.

A whole year passed.

I waited.

Time to move on, they said.

He’ll come, I responded.

The decades passed.

I waited.

He’ll never come, they said.

He’ll come, I sighed.

Today you came

I waited no more

Holding out your hands

I walked into your embrace

I waited.

You came.

The war is over now.

wc:100 exact, title included. 🙂

Author’s Note: I hate this new format, it just doesn’t break this up into stanzas like it’s supposed to! Grrrr…They’re are supposed to be six. grr…. That said. I’ve got a cold… sinus cold. Not Covid, thank you, Father! Fluids, rest, and a ton of tissues. Inet from the parking lot, though. Don’t want to spread even a cold. sniffle, sniffle… sneeze. Also: not sure what the deal is, but whenever I try to open a link through the inlinz froggy, it tells me I need to reboot my computer…. so IF I don’t get to you, it’s not my fault! Grrrr…

This short little fiction is written for Friday Fictioneer ‘s , a 100 word writing challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you, Dale Rogerson for this week’s picture as well. If you would like to read more short fictions, or am in a mood to participate, then please, follow the link and come to join us around the table. We’d love to have you!


    1. I don’t think it was the war, Neil. How many women waited for their lover to come home and they never did. That’s how it’s supposed to read. Durn WP and their new format, really trashes stanzas… and stanzas make the difference here.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lovely piece. I worried all the way through he wouldn’t come…

    As for the formatting, I tried the usual trick modern editors seem to (for whatever reason) use – if you use “Shift-Enter” you get less line spacing than with just “Enter”, so you can maybe use that to group lines together, using “Enter” between stanzas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just pictured my Granny. I asked her once about Grandpa. She said he went off to War – Normandy Beach… never came home. She never did find another love. Every Memorial Day, she took me to their “special” place and told me about him.

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    1. This morning, with less cough meds in me, I can see both interpretations. Still crunchy, but vertical… at least for the moment. I really ran out of words and had to cut a HUGE portion out to get it down. I think it lost that finality in the cut-down.


    1. Thanks Michael. I know my Granny never found another love after hers was lost in the war. I may have never met my grandpa in life but I sure didn’t live without knowing what kind of man he was.

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