Weekend Coffee Share – 31 Dec 2020

Good Morning! Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope that everyone is safe and well this blessed morning. It’s icy here, last night’s heavy rains have frozen. We slept late so I missed the “jewel” effect of the world. It’s cold, too, so please, grab a cup of something hot from the kitchen. There’s some Maxwell House “Vanilla Carmel Latte”, Some Hill’s Brother’s “French Vanilla” or “English Toffee; or, if you’d rather have regular coffee, there’s some instant Folgers. There’s a collection of fruit teas, peppermint, or Chrysanthemum teas. too. Oh, and Hubby offers up his Swiss Miss Cocoa with Marshmallows if you’re so inclined. There some hot sticky buns fresh from the oven for munching.

While we sip, let me say that Christmas was very different for us this year. No helter-skelter travel from here to there visiting Parent’s or Brother’s homes. Instead, we hibernated. We had an early lunch, that was a beef brisket slathered in Barbeque sauce, unwrapped our gifts for each other, and then went off to do our own things in opposite ends of the townhouse. I ordered a bobbin lace pillow holder from a coworker or Hubby (The same gentleman who made me the awesome lantern last year.) and that’s what hubby gave me this year. For him, it was much needed new jammies, razor, and tons of chocolate. I spent most of the day doing some panic sewing to finish a Christmas quilt for Sisinlaw Lou while glancing up at the fish often. I finally got the quilt done day before yesterday, and gave it to her yesterday when she came for a short visit.

Let me get you a refill. The house is a bit chilly. We keep the heat as low as we can and still be comfortable, mid sixties. Saves money that way. So, our SIL Lou came down to deliver Christmas to us from family. It consisted of a card that had been sent and returned to parents… They wrote all over the front of the envy making it difficult to make out the address…then were confused as to why the post couldn’t deliver it. Sigh… Anyway, they sent us gas cards which will really come in handy. It’ll cover about 2 tanks of gasoline. Perfect. Every little bit helps. Lou also made us those delicious candied pecans (her specialty!) and we’re rationing them out. She showed us pics of Ha who is expecting to bring a beautiful son into the world in March. So very happy for her. I love what she’s done for the Nursery! We talked about the baby, and how they’re not going to have a baby shower due to covid. Bummer… but, I’ll still make some things for her, and send a gift card for things like diapers and other necessities.

So, I don’t really have new pics this week. I’ve been too engaged in sewing my fingers to the nubbins. So, I thought, what can I share with ya’. Then, I thought, what about looking back through the year’s writing and find something that would really reflect the impact of 2020. It has been a memorable year, even if those memories are not the most pleasant we have. So, I did that a few minutes ago, and I decided on this piece I wrote back in April (April 15 to be exact). It was at the very beginning of the pandemic, and I think it makes a very powerful punch and reflection of the year. So, if you’re squeamish, or just really can’t handle something that might trigger depression, skip the link, Okay? Really, seriously, I won’t be offended if you do… honestly, I’d never know, really. Anyway, I chose this piece to highlight 2020….


Photo prompt: dankanator.com, via google images.


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