Marginal Existence

It was a marginal existence. Months on end of isolation. Being okay without humans. Weeks without a single word uttered. Voice crackled like shattered glass. World of silence. Alive, yet….

WC: 31 exact! šŸ™‚

Author’s note: I hate this new WP format, so kindly envision a new line where each period is. A short poem, if you will. Happy New Year Everyone! May 2021 be a damn sight better than 2020!


  1. Can’t you just hit enter after each period and each line would be in its own block? I think it formats it to be just right and would read like the poem is intended? I’m not sure as I don’t write poems. Maybe someone who does will comment. šŸ™‚ I like the new block editor and I just experiment with it as needed. They also have a “verse” block and that would work too as then you can type out your poem like you intend and it will all be in that one block “verse”. Just click on the + box to pull up all the options for each block. I hope this helps, I’m no expert but love trying new things! šŸ„° Here’s hoping a better year has started! ~Diana

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  2. “Voice crackled like shattered glass” indeed. We see each other through screens and at a distance. It gets harder every day and for many it’s become an untenable existence.

    Btw, if you don’t like the double space between lines you get when you hit the return bar, just use the “edit as html” and place the code at the end of each line.

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