Vintage Thursday – 14 Jan 2021

Good Morning and Wilkomen! Welcome! I have to report some rather disappointing news this week. I’m pretty much at the same point I was last week. I’ve cut squares, realized that the material I chose as a backing was a bit too transparent for my liking, so cut more squares from a denser broadcloth. I like broadcloth, don’t you??? It’s very versatile and sturdy for the most part. I used it for years in my dance regalia so I know the color is good even if it’s in the sunshine all day for days in a row. So, that’s about where I am this week.

I’ve cut the additional background fabric, so now, my squares have the original background, the new background, and the vintage piece chosen. It’s thicker than I might have supposed the cloth would be when I started this, but to me that equates with sturdiness, and sturdiness is a good thing in my book. I don’t intend to hang this on a wall to be googled at. No, I intend to actually be using this quilt when it’s complete. That said, with three layers, I felt I needed to secure them all in place before proceeding. Thus, most of the week has been lost to doing a blanket stitch around all 8 squares which will be the center of the “Star block”… something I just learned last evening that the term is “Sawtooth Star”. Thank you to the dear one who sent me a message with that name…I was able to find your link to youtube about assembly. And, discovered yet another way to do the flying geese element of the block. I think I’ll stick with the “no-waste” way of doing it as it is so dirt simple that even my damaged brain can understand it. Man, this is much harder than originally thought it would be, but I remain undaunted and am continuing on.

With that in mind, having finished blanket stitching squares, I proceeded to cut cloth for the flying geese element. 8 – 7.5 inch squares plus 32- 4 inch squares. I had planned to sew those on Tuesday, but got sidetracked by a leaky (spraying all over) water pipe. Long story short…by the time I got the water turned off, and maintenance called, I had broken the handle on shutoff valve thankfully in the off position. The mess took me all afternoon, and two borrowed space heaters later to clean up. Not to mention having to move furniture away from walls in two rooms to dry the carpets. UGH! So, at that point some plans got sidetracked for another day. Meantime, I had to make a trip to the funeral home for a visitation service Tuesday evening. Woke up to a Wednesday that was soon lost in what I call a Funeral home slalom… 10am thru to 730pm all told. By the time I got home, I was just too too tired to even think about picking up a needle. Grabbed a glass of milk for supper and crashed.

I did get a little sewing in on Monday… Feeling like I’ve not enough vintage things for the entire quilt, I decided that I actually possessed the skills to make some of my own ‘vintage-like’ elements. I have some left over vintage linen fabric from what I cut up that is perfect for this idea, so I found my embroidery transfers and created a square. Just one to see how it would blend. Took me until this morning at zero-dark-thirty to complete 1 butterfly surrounded by six little flowers… but I now have an extra square. I would have used it to make up for the one square I was missing, but I found a pretty hankie as I was searching for one to tuck in my sleeve before I left for the funeral home. So, it is now an extra to use wherever I choose. If not on the vintage quilt, then it will go on my revamp crazy quilt. Either way, it’s good.

This morning as I wasn’t sleeping anyway, I got up and plundered around until I found an old kit. No idea where it came from…has a clearance tag on it, so I probably found it somewhere along the journey. Anyway, it has two birds sitting on branches, 5×7…but I think the fabric is closer to 6x8ish. Anyway, One of the vintage quilt squares is a 6.5×12.5 block. I’m thinking if I add a bit of cloth around the edge to square off what’s needed, it could make a nice element, so that’s where I’m heading.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this morning. As you can see, I’ve been running from funeral to funeral this week, and still more today and tomorrow. I’ll be officiating at two over the the course of the next three days. Then, as we’re expecting snow this weekend (hopefully AFTER Saturday’s services), I intend to hibernate and sew.

As I finish up these stars, I’ll be heading to the next element of pinwheels…ach, but the triangles…again! By the end of this quilt, I should be a pro…or locked into an asylum for the stitching insane! HAHAHAaaaaaahhaaa! Hope you all have a safe week.

PLEASE< PLEASE< wear your masks, wash your hands, blow your nose frequently… and tell the ones you love just how much you do. Have a safe and well week. Shalom ~ Bear

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